The most preferred imaging technique among today’s modern technology is ultrasound. This application, which aims to visualize all the events that occur in the body, does not contain radiation and is quite successful. Together with you, we will check a lot of information about the fields of ultrasound use and we will refer to a lot of information about ultrasound benefits.

The ultrasonic device works with the principles of the reflection and reflection of the sound waves in the tissues in different density again. Most of the tests performed are performed using an external sonar device. It can also be done with a very small device placed in the body.

Why use it?

Ultrasonication may be preferred for different reasons. Areas where ultrasonics are used can be listed as follows;

For pregnant women to be able to examine the baby’s health condition

In order to evaluate the status of the stones in the bile

To control with a special needle used for tumor or biopsy treatment

To check the status of the thyroid gland

In order to be able to detect the nodules that are noticed in the meme are innocuous or cancerous

To see if there is a negative condition in heart function

In order to detect various infections

To diagnose abnormalities in the prostate or genital area
It is used to evaluate abnormal conditions in the ribs and muscles.