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Areas in which we operate by developing innovative applications and using technology to create the highest level of profitable companies in national and international space-efficient and be one of the most important actors that shape the economy of Turkey.

Being a pioneering group that aims to provide services to wider masses by increasing the targets every day with the successes obtained from its activities, providing positive contribution to the society by keeping the customer satisfaction in the front line without compromising the quality of its products and services.

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Along with being one of the major devices used in brain diseases and controls, emerge can also be used for complicated ailments in other parts of the body. The basic working principle is to find certain anatomical structures by using the magnetic field and radio waves.
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The device has a panel, table and monitor with ultraviolet rays reflected. During viewing, these tracks run synchronously. The basic working principle of the device is that the images of the patient lying on the table can be displayed on the monitor and recorded in detail.
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The ultrasonic device works with the principles of the reflection and reflection of the sound waves in the tissues in different density again. Most of the tests performed are performed using an external sonar device. It can also be done with a very small device placed in the body.
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Because the material has a great deal of processing capabilities and is absorbed to a large extent by various organic materials, the X rays have very important applications in envy, especially in the study of the human body. In addition, the biological effects of X-rays on living tissues are utilized
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The mammography device is one of the most effective methods for diagnosing the breast cancer that women most frequently encounter. It is used in radiology units for the diagnosis of breast cancer and chest screenings. The imaging device is included in branches related to gynecological diseases.
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Fizik tedavi, fiziksel ajanlar ve tekniklerin kas iskelet sistemi hastalıkları tedavisinde kullanılması anlamına gelir. Fizik tedavi yöntemleri vücudun dışından fiziksel ajanların uygulanması şeklindedir. Uygulanılan fizik tedavi ajanları vücudumuzda herhangi bir lezyon veya yara oluşturmaz.
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