Before describing the MR device and talking about how it has a function, it is necessary to define the magnetic resonance process. The main purpose of magnetic resonance imaging is to distinguish the anatomical structures that have a different form by using radio waves. Mr is taken to view the movements of a desired section of the body. The MR device is a machine manufactured according to this principle.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging Device is a device that can display and detect complex anatomical structures. Along with being one of the major devices used in brain diseases and controls, emerge can also be used for complicated ailments in other parts of the body. The basic working principle is to find certain anatomical structures by using the magnetic field and radio waves. Prices vary according to their functions.

What is the working principle of the device?

The MR device is powered by powerful magnets. These magnets cause the atomic nuclei in the human cells to vibrate and can be displayed on the MR display of specific structures thanks to the radio waves emitted in the body. After the radio waves propagated by the atoms, moving or non-moving 3D images will start to appear on the screen of the device.

Mr uses three magnetic fields when shooting. These are the static field, the gradient field and the radio frequency field. The static field is a strong electric current at the Tesla level, which is polarized to polarize the hydrogen core. The gradient field is the lower level and spread to provide balance. The radio frequency field is the field used to find the vibrating cell nuclei and to detect objects.