We have been continuing our way in the field of radiology for many years under the Nef Innovation framework since 2018 in the fields of Medi-Rek Health, Elektra Health, Bağcılar Imaging and Physical Therapy.

Nef Innovation has been established to provide a new perspective to the healthcare sector by nurturing its experience and experience and combining this experience with creative technologies and approaches. multinational firms to be an effective partner in Turkey, but also whether the representative of the large firms that operate in Turkey, one of the major players in the region in the health sector by keeping a high level of quality of service is set out with that goal.

Thanks to the services we have successfully and successfully developed since the establishment of our company, we have made great contributions to the country’s economy and have made significant achievements at local, regional and national level. Our strongest trust-based relationships will be the most important guideline to continue with all our stakeholders in the future.

Nef Innovation is a health company established to produce solutions in the field of imaging and physical therapy and to provide services based on these solutions.